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Playlist Highlights - July 2019

Over the past few months, I have been listening to lots of ukulele music and keeping it all in my Cloud Uke playlist - If you haven't already taken a look at the playlist, click here to view.

I have discovered some absolute gems and wanted to set up a monthly post to point out a couple of highlights.

Cover - Somewhere Only We Know by Miki Ratsula The first highlight for July is a cover by the American singer-songwriter, Miki Ratsula. The song she covers is 'Somewhere Only We Know', which is originally sung by the band Keane. Firstly this song has got to be my favourite Keane song ever. This cover is a beautiful and chilled version of the song and is definitely worth a listen.
Click here to listen via Spotify
Instrumental - Assam / Like a Bird by James HillJames Hill is a Canadian musician, who's main focus is on the ukulele. The track I have highlighted is from his album, 'Man with a Love Song'.
Click here to listen via Spotify
Group Original - No Ulterior Motive…

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