Baritone Chord Focus - Db (C#) Major

Good morning!

Today we're back with the fifth edition of Baritone Chord Focus.

This week's BCF is going to be a bit of a challenge so I hope you're ready for it. I'm still trying to get my fingers around the whole chord sequence myself.

On the weekend I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the film Rocketman, which is a musical about Elton John's life. This reminded me how great Elton John's music is. So I began flicking through a number of his songs and put together the chords to 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'.

My favourite part of this song (and the most tricky part) is the final line of the chorus... the "ah...." part. Therefore this week I would like to focus on the chord sequence for this section of the song.

The new chord to learn this week is Db (C#) Major. To play this chord, I suggest you bar the first fret with your index finger and then your middle finger can be placed on the second fret of the B string (blue dot) and your ring finger on the third fret of the D string (purple dot).
This chord is followed by the chord Eb (D#) Major, which follows exactly the same chord shape but is two frets up the fret board (Chord diagram below).

I did say this was a tricky chord sequence however we have covered the other chord shapes of the previous BCF weeks... For example Ab major takes on the same chord shape as F major but is three frets up.
Although complex, learning this chord sequence is a fantastic opportunity to really challenge yourself. If you need any tips on learning the chords, please read my blog post on learning new chords - Click here to view. Otherwise feel free to email or Instagram message me.

The chords for the whole song - 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' - can be found on the link below. I have included the chord diagrams for Baritone ukulele:
Click here to view the full chords.

Hope you enjoy... Happy Ukeing!!!


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