The Cave - Mumford and Sons

A week ago I was lucky enough to watch my favourite band, Mumford and Sons, live in Cardiff. This has given me a little inspiration for this week's tab.

When I first started to play the ukulele, I learnt a few of Mumford and Sons chords and a couple of their easier tabs.

At the gig, they played their song 'The Cave'. As soon as the intro started, my dad turned to me and said "This is the one you play on the uke". I laughed but then thought that it must have some kind of resemblance to real thing.

So today I give you the tabs for the introduction to 'The Cave' by Mumford and Sons (for baritone ukulele) and the chords for the rest of the song.

This is something I learnt years ago when I was first discovering fingerpicking - so may be useful to beginners.

Click here to view the tabs and chords

Here's a little preview of Mumford and Sons live.


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