Thank You, Next - Ariana Grande - Ukulele Hunt

The new concept for this my blog is to share the resources I find most helpful. So today I wanted to post the first of these.

Lately I have been learning the tabs for Thank you, Next by Ariana Grade, which have been arranged for ukulele by Ukulele Hunt.

Click here to be directed to the tabs

Ukulele Hunt was the first ukulele resources website I came across when I first started to play the ukulele and is always the first place I visit when looking for new songs to learn.  The website not only has a really good selection of chords and tabs but it also has videos to accompany most of the tabs, which really helps with the learning process. My favourite thing about this website is that it caters for ukulele players of all abilities. It covers the basics with its lessons and how to guides for newbies and then does advance tabs for anyone fancying a challenge.

To check out Ukulele Hunt, Click Here.


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