Jazz For Ukulele - Bliumusic

Last week I really struggled to find inspiration as to what to learn next on my ukulele. I then came across a video of Brian (Bliumusic) playing jazz on the ukulele and had to give it a try.

Luckily for me, he has created a video series on YouTube about jazz for the ukulele - Link here!

I have never played jazz on any instrument before, so this is a completely new learning curve for me. So far, the series has covered the Minor 7, Major 7 and Dominant chords as well as chord inversions and a 'swing feel' strumming pattern. This is a very recent series so I assume there will be more lessons on the way!!

Not only is this series helping me learn jazz, it is encouraging me to be more comfortable using more of the fret board to create different sounds with the same chords. However, I definitely need to brush up on some music theory. I don't think this is essential but will definitely help my progress in jazz.

Each video also comes with a handy printout, which are great to refer to both during and after watching the videos.

Big thank you to Brian for providing some much needed inspiration and for these fantastic jazz resources!!

Make sure you check Brain out on his social media platforms - YouTubeInstagram or Facebook.


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