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How should I tune my ukulele?
If you have a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele I suggest that you keep it to the standard tuning, which is G-C-E-A. However, if you have a baritone ukulele I suggest that you tune your uke with D-G-B-E yet some tenor ukuleles develop lovely a tone when you tune it this way too.

The songs are too high/low for me to sing along to. How can I fix this?
As part of the relaunch, I have developed a transposition tool. This can be found in some of the more recent chords and will shortly be available in all the chords. Download the excel file and set the key yourself. Otherwise, you can use a capo. They clip onto the fret board of your Ukulele and transpose your chords. Whilst you're trying to pitch your chosen song on your ukulele I would recommend that you start on the first fret and play a part of the song and work up the fret board until you feel comfortable with the pitch. If you print out the song, remember to make a note of which fret you use.

How do I make recommendations or ask for help?
On the left hand side there is a side bar with a contact form. This will email me directly so I can get back to you personally.


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